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Your resume should fit the job

Weekend Update: Competition for Nurse Practitioner Jobs remains intense.

There are dozens of applicants for every job posted. This is not expected to change anytime soon. It’s important when you apply for an NP job to distinguish yourself so that you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

One of the ways you can do this is to tailor your resume to each job for which you are applying.

Take some time to research the healthcare organization and the position they have advertised. Take that information and use it to revise your Nurse Practitioner resume so that you can best showcase how YOUR qualifications and experience meet their needs. Highlight areas of your work experience or education that demonstrates why you are the best Nurse Practitioner for the job.

In this current market a one-size-fits-all resume will get you a one-size-fits-all rejection letter.

In other words each job you apply for should have a unique version of your resume.

Tips you will get only from me!

Do you know what hiring managers and recruiters NEVER want to see on your Nurse Practitioner resume?

I was a recruiter for many years so I have some insider pearls and tips. These are valuable details I learned over the course of reviewing thousands of resumes and talking with hundreds of hiring managers.

In this market, when every job has dozens of applicants, even a small mistake can ruin your chances of an interview. Of course you probably will never know why your resume was rejected so you might continue to make the same mistake. In my blog I am going to regularly share with you some of some of these lesser known resume misteps.

In other words I will share my job search pearls with you!

Here comes the tip…

There are several things you should never put on your resume but this is one that might not be so obvious.


Including a past job that was in a non-medical field is a major no-no and could very well get your application bounced. It’s OK to include jobs like “nursing assistant” or “lab tech” because those are medically related. What you don’t want to list is jobs like ” bartender” or “retail clerk”. You many think they help to show that you have a solid work history but in reality it’s a big turn-off when applying for an NP or PA position.

BTW: This is true whether you are a NP or Physician Assistant.

Where do you look for NP jobs?

Your nurse practitioner job search should begin online. Newspaper and print ads have dwindled to almost nothing and have been replaced by online postings. The small number of print ads that are still out there will likely direct you to their website to apply so you might as well start your job search out on the Web.

Employers prefer you contact them via email or their website. Why? To avoid the paper shuffle. Their systems are set up to handle information digitally. It’s much more efficient and information is more easily accessible. Resumes sent via fax or snail mail stand little chance of ending up in front of the eyes of the right person at the right time.

So how do you go about finding the ads online? Start with your local newspapers website. Many employers will run an ad in the online classifieds but skip the print edition. If you have a healthcare employer in mind that you would like to work for then check out their websites frequently. You may see jobs listed exclusively on their own websites and not on any other website or job board.