New year’s resolution

Hello 2011!!

My new year’s resolution is to do more blogging! I have alot of great plans of where to take this blog and website so I’m going to be doing more talking about the NP/PA market, salaries and of course job searching. And due to popular demand I will be adding some additional “new grad” resources.

What’s on my mind today? I just read an article about how NP pay and jobs are now outpacing that of the family practice physician. The author wrote in the article about the current market for NP jobs as if all we would need to do is walk out our front door and there will be clinics lined up waving fistfulls of money at us to work for them. They went on to say that demand for NP’s is so great that the market has been able to “absorb a tidal wave of new NP’s”. They cite the physician shortgage as the cause.

Yes it’s true the market does seem to be opening up but we are still far from being fully employed. What IS beginning to happen is that healthcare organizations are reviewing their budgets for the upcoming year and have decided that hiring advanced practice clinicians does make economic sense. (hmm, where have I heard that before…?)

Things are looking up folks. Of course you still need a good resume so be sure to check out my resume tip sheet!